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Welcome to The Album Zone 'links' page. 

Listed below are not only stations who continue to broadcast The Album Zone, but also friends, romans, and countrymen !  Plus some of our Presenter recommendations, personal favourites, and more. 

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Our great buddies at TWC, where we broadcast four times a week. This is where we broadcast our 'Live Specials' too, so do always check the schedules for details.   

Our good friends in Slovakia, who have aired our Album Zone programmes since RTI began in 2005.

On two occasions, we have been over to Poprad to broadcast 'Live' from there.  Fabulous times.

So much to see and hear, and our own weekly broadcast from RTI is on Mondays, 17.00-2300 UK time.


What can we say about Radio Caroline that hasn't already been said ?

This is where many of our presenters past and present put their radio headphones on, for the first time.  Great adventures. The Album Zone broadcasts here at 02.00-05.00 (UK time) every Saturday.

The Daily Robbo  !

Our very own Robbo, doing his 'solo' thing on Mixcloud.

Updated 3 times weekly...

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Our very own Gil Legine, with his first solo album.

Composed, produced, and performed in 'The Doghouse' Studio, in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Check it out !

         James Barclay - Podding Along

         The James Barcley Podcast !     

         Vital information on Life, the Universe, and Everything.

Mysterious, strange, weird, and wonderful.  Brilliant podcasts on this, and a great favourite of our very own James Barclay.

This is where our Mr Reece secretly (or not so secretly) wants to be, mainly because he'd play old faves for a few hours, then stroll to the beach and have cocktails.  Daily.  A great little Station for expats, on the Costa Blanca.

Ah, satire.  The link choice of Johnny Reece - one of his favourite sites.  Need a touch of sarcasm to lift your day ?  This is undoubtedly the place.

1920s and 1930s Popular Music and Jazz, courtesy of the fabulous Radio Dismuke. Our relatives, George Barclay and Arthur Reece, name this as their favourite station.


Also known as 'The Gilster', one of our own !

Drums your thing ?  Then you've come to the right place...

An ongoing autobiography.  Allegedly.  Nearly.  Almost.  We think.  Sort of.


Pirate and Free Radio Forum

 Excellent forum for all things Pirate and Radio chat...

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