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  Welcome to The Album Zone. 






                                                              email : 






                                                                              June 2023  -  NEWS :


Welcome to The Album Zone... 

Check here weekly for schedule details, and by all means, join our Facebook Group too, to keep up to date with all of our Programme Schedules.

We also run regular Programme updates on Twitter and Instagram...

Our next LIVE Programme will be via TWC (, from 20.00 - 22.00 hrs (UK time) on

Sunday 25th June 2023.

Johnny Reece is now also broadcasting on Radio Caroline, every Wednesday afternoon, from 2-5pm UK time.

Also, newies through this month from Dick Heath, Robbo, and Gil Legine  !

New shows are uploaded to our Album Zone Podcast at the beginning of every month, at

Click here to listen or download our programmes...

This week's Album Zone schedules are as follows :


Monday 05/06/23 :   via RTI (, from 19.00-23.00 UK time :

19.00-21.00 : Robbo - Show 86 

21.00-23.00 : Duncan Barkes  (shows 45,46)


Tuesday 06/06/23 :   via TWC ( from 20.00-22.00 UK time :

20.00-22.00 :  Dick Heath  (NEW May 2023)



Wednesday 07/06/23 :   Radio Caroline Show


14.00-17.00 UK time :  Johnny Reece


Wednesday 07/06/23 :   via TWC ( from 18.00-20.00 UK time :

18.00-20.00 :  Robbo  - Show 85

Saturday 10/06/23 :  via Radio Caroline ( from 02.00 to 05.00 UK time :

02.00-04.00  :  Robbo - Show 109

04.00-05.00 :  Duncan Barkes - Show 36

Sunday 11/06/23 :  via TWC ( from 19.00-22.00 UK time :

19.00-22.00 :  Robbo (Show 106), followed by Gil Legine (NEW May 2023)



Our Programming via WCRV 97.7 FM in Lake Ariel, Pennsylvania, is also available 7 days a week,

at various times.  Thanks to Jack and Vicky for their endless support  !





Latest Programmes uploaded to our Podcast below :

Johnny Reece - latest programme can be found here

Robbo - latest programme can be found here

Dick Heath - latest programme can be found here

Gil Legine - latest programme can be found here

Rich Phoenix - latest programme can be found here

Duncan Barkes - latest programme can be found here



For over two decades, we have been producing Album based, presented Music programmes, to a range

of Stations around the world, with our presenters and studios based in the UK, Denmark, and the

United States. We can be heard on Radio Tatras International (RTI), Radio Caroline, TWCFM, 

and WCRV (Lake Ariel, Pennsylvania).  Programme Schedules (above) are updated weekly. 

                Studio text :  07507  740  788

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